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Home security system insurance discount in Lincoln and additional ways to lower costs with a smart home security system

November 21, 2022
Close up security home system app on a smartphone.

It’s widely known that home security systems are worthwhile enhancements to enhance your family’s protection. They shield you from trouble with innovative tech like cameras, smart locking systems, and alarms. With the proper set up, you also get the benefits from a monitoring staff that has your back as soon as the alarm is tripped.

But there’s even more good news as your home’s defense may help you from a monetary perspective. To start, you can save on utility expenses with home automation. And in many cases fully integrated systems like those offered by Vivint might result in a discount on home insurance.

Monitored home security installations are great for insurance discounts in Lincoln

It goes without saying that you may be able to get an insurance discount on your home security system in Lincoln. The extent of the discount might vary greatly and is contingent on a couple variables - your insurer and the kind of equipment you include. While a limited, bare-bones alarm with a couple entry-point sensors might result in a little reduction of your premium, there could be an opportunity to increase your discount to a higher level.

When you have components including surveillance, monitored safety alarms, and smart locks, you might get a larger deduction from your insurance provider. If you would like a more substantial discount, be sure to include round-the-clock monitoring. By including monitoring, you’re telling the insurer that a trained professional is constantly looking after your residence and ready to respond to any type of emergency, no matter if you’re you’re on site or not. To determine your eligibility and how much you can save, touch base with your policy’s representative.

Home automation in Lincoln is another way to save

If you’re interested in other ways to reduce spending, it’s time to consider home automation. Envision utilizing a smart thermostat that discerns your normal routine and adjusts in correspondence. If you exit from the house, your thermostat is able to adjust automatically to help you cut energy usage. Your lighting can operate in a corresponding way and light up when you come into a space or deactivate when you leave. Over time, the decrease of your utility bills may be surprising.

Comprehensive smart homes by Vivint are simple to adapt and are able to be programmed during the installation process or finished later on via your smart hub or smartphone app. In a short time you can initiate a flexible, full-featured system.

Neglect to turn off the lights? Engage your devices from anywhere

Another method to lower utility bills is by accessing your system remotely. Although your smart home can change settings on its own, you are also able to simply direct implements from your phone. If you don’t remember to dim your lighting or change the thermostat in advance of exiting, it’s not a problem. All you need to do is pull up the Vivint app on your cell phone and make the desired adjustments. You may even arm or disarm your system remotely. Wish to adjust how your home’s elements work together? You are able to do that from your smartphone as well.

Customize your own home security system in Lincoln and get the savings you deserve

Ready to start saving money with a home security system insurance discount in Lincoln? Consult with a Vivint expert today to design a monitored smart home that will lower your insurance rates while elevating your home’s defense and functionality. Call (402) 545-5763 or submit the form below to get started.