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Can I use an indoor camera as a baby monitor in Lincoln?

May 30, 2023
Parent using smartphone to view video of child from indoor camera

Your new nursery is almost set for your precious bundle of joy. You dedicated hours assembling the cradle, covering the walls, and arranging the changing station.You even included the extra touch of some plush animals on a shelf. But how will you keep watch of your infant? You can choose the customary method with a basic audio monitor or take it to another level and utilize the surveillance equipment available to you in your modern home security system.

Even though it might seem strange to use an indoor camera for a baby monitor in Lincoln, it’s actually an outstanding option when you consider the benefits.

Your home’s indoor cameras in Lincoln are ideal baby monitors

Above all else, your indoor cameras are part of your complete smart home and available via an easy-to-use app. This provides you practicality and reassurance since you are able to monitor your child from any location via your phone or portable device. Here are a few more reasons why they are a preferred option:

  • Real-time HD video: You’ll enjoy easily visible, high-resolution footage of your precious one. You may even watch recorded segments straight from your phone.
  • 2-way audio: You’ll not only hear the sounds from the room, you may talk to your child right through your indoor camera. This is a helpful tool to settle a restless sleeper. Better yet, you can utilize the audio feature via your cell phone app, no matter your location.
  • Wide-angle views: Your video cameras will have a wider viewing angle than standard baby monitors. You’ll see everything.
  • Motion-detection with updates: If your newborn decides sleep time is over and wishes to get out of the crib, you are able to have motion-activated alerts delivered right to your mobile device.
  • One-tap contact: Despite the fact this perk is really for older offspring, it’s still worth mentioning. With a single tap of a button, your kid can touch base with you by means of the app on your smartphone.

Having your comprehensive smart home right in the palm of your hand is a tremendous bonus. If you notice that your little one is having an issue trying to sleep and decide it could be a little uncomfortable in the nursery, you are able to alter the settings on your smart thermostat. In the event they wake up, you can activate the nursery’s smart lights to inform them you’re coming soon. Have a second child? You can use another indoor camera and get access to both of them with one home security app.

Customize Your Lincoln smart home with indoor cameras

Ready to use an indoor camera as a baby monitor? Create your own Lincoln smart home and enjoy the comfort and safety Vivint’s advanced surveillance equipment can offer. Call (402) 545-5763 today and see how we can make your property a safer, more adaptable place for every member of your family.